• Vivid Digital Pro

    Natural Skin Tones and Colours with Bright, Sharp Images A form of image rendering designed especially for digital signals corrects colour, brightness and sharpness. It achieves natural skin tones and colours, enhances brightness and sharpens images w
  • Adaptive BacklightDimming

    Delivers Both Deep Blacks in Dark Scenes and Plenty of Punch in Bright Scenes TVs with constantly analyse incoming pictures so that they can continually adjust their light output to deliver the optimum picture quality.
  • Multiple HDMI Ports

    Connect Multiple Devices Using HDMI Input Featuring two rear HDMI ports, this TV allows multiple devices such as a BD player or games console to be simultaneously connected with HDMI cables, opening the door to advanced AV entertainment.
  • Panasonic
  • TH-65EX430M
  • LED
  • 32-inch
  • (4K)UHD
  • Sleep or inactivity timer

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Panasonic 32" E400A HD LED LCD TV
Available 1 Condition: Used
Key Features Vivid Digital Pro technology enables the Panasonic 32 Inch HD LED LCD TV to display natural looking colours with enhanced brightness and sharpness. This processing technology is designed specifically for digital signals and can achieve natural skin tones to give you an extra level of engagement with your content. Dot Noise Reduction can remove random noise from even grainy footage thanks to noise detection and processing technology. This allows content from any source to look crisp and clear on your Panasonic 32 Inch HD TV. Adaptive Backlight Dimming allows this Panasonic HD TV to constantly monitor the incoming picture signal and then adapt the display’s light output to deliver exceptional levels of brightness during light scenes, and deep, rich blacks during dark scenes. A USB port and 2 HDMI connections allow you to connect external devices such as cameras and Blu ray players to your Panasonic TV, opening up a world of entertainment through external media and services.
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