Posting an ad
How do I post an ad?

Posting ads on Formee is quick, easy and free.

For private user: Just click the “Post AD” button in the top-right corner of the page and then follow the subsequent instructions.

An ad should include a convincing title and a detailed description. You can upload up to 10 images to your ad. If you don't have a Formee account yet, be sure to confirm your email address so that your ad can be brought online.

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Can I use HTML tags or URLs in my ads?

Formee allows HTML (limited) and linkable URLs in ads on the site. However, if your ad only consists of links it will not be accepted. Furthermore, you are not allowed to link to other classifieds sites, even if it is only to bring attention to another ad.

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How do I create an effective Ad?

An effective ad will contain a good quality photo of the relevant product; an honest description of the product - make sure to enter both the good points and the bad; enter a price that actually reflects the condition of your product; and remember to type the location accurately.


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How can I post an effective AD?

You have to first fill in the form with all relevant information and fulfil all asked requirements against its product category. Then, add images of the product or images that best describes the service being sold. Finally, press submit.

Your ad will be posted on the website after review from the admin

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Why is my Ad not live yet?

There can be various reasons why an Ad might have not gone live yet:

  • Your ad was a direct breach of our Ad-Posting Policy; a detailed email will be sent to your registered email address about why this has happened.

  • Your ad could have contained deceptive, pornographic images and/or racist words.

  • Your ad could have expired; there is a limit to how long an ad stays live.

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What is the difference between a private user and a business user?

There are two types of accounts - a private account and a business account. The private account is a free account with limited features while the business account is a subscription-based account with access to premium features such as feature ads and extensive ad posting.

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How do I become a seller?

To become a seller, you must subscribe and sign up to any one of the two accounts: private and business. After that, you can start uploading images of the product and writing a relevant description to be seen by the buyers.

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Which account is the best fit for me?

If you want to sell items that you will not use anymore, then creating a private account will be the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to sell items in large quantities and/or produce items that you want to sell, then creating a business account would be the best option.

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How do I change my password?

You can change your password from the Profile tab.

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How do I raise a dispute?

As a buyer, we give you the right to raise a dispute when circumstances arise. A dispute might occur when the product being sold is not as per seller’s description and/or has some kind of defect with its functioning.

From the Formee platform, you will generate your concerns via a complaint email to the seller.

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How disputes are resolved?

After a dispute has been raised and filed, the seller has 48 hours to respond. If the seller responds, he/she will offer either a repayment or replacement.

In case he/she does not respond, the admin will take over and provide a suitable resolution. The admin will examine the case and if the seller is at fault, the buyer will receive the refunded money minus paypal charges.


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How to avoid scammers?

We have efficient and accurate rating systems and feedback mechanisms plotted against each seller and the products they sell. The buyers who have bought their products are the ones who issue an honest rating and provide a brief feedback about the sellers.

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What happens if I do not receive a warranty with the products?

The seller is solely responsible for providing the warranty for their products. You must remember that usually eatables and baby products do not have warranty.

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What is the refund and return policy?

Each seller has its own refund and return policy based on the product nature. In case the product is not up to the mark, we have stern dispute policies in place to correct this error.

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What type of payment mode can I use?

Currently, we are using paypal as our payment partner.

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How do I find a job?

On the Formee home page, search for the “Jobs” category on the home bar. Upon click, a variety of jobs from different sectors will be displayed on your screen.

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How many jobs can I post?

While private users are only allowed to post one or two ads per month, business users can post more than two ads per month. Private users do not have access to CV and resume shortlisting through the platform but business users do.

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How do I report discrimination?

The ad post containing discrimination should be reported immediately. We, at Formee, have a zero-tolerance policy against discrimination and harassment. In case of any such material found, we will take serious disciplinary action towards that user.

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What animals can I sell?

Only animals that have a category on our website can be sold - cats, dogs, birds, fish, horses and livestock.These animal have to be properly vaccinated and tested against any diseases. It is against our policy to sell endangered species and/or exotic animals. Moreover, it is important to advertise the animals within certain legal and ethical guidelines. Avoid posting ads of animals with cropped ears, tails, wings etc. If you plan to rehome a lost animal, contacting a charity or an animal shelter is always a safer option.

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How to post an effective ad for an animal?

You must provide honest information and details in your advertisement that will help the new owners make an informed decision. It is wrong to withhold information about the pet that might cause problems for the new owners later. It is preferable to use a recent photo of the animal. Furthermore, it is important to update the animal’s birth and rehoming date to avoid constant shifting from one home to another.

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Why can’t I sell more than two animals on my private account?

f you plan to post ads for more than two animals per month, it suggests that you have a business in the animal sector. In that case, it is preferable that you switch to a business account where you can advertise and sell more than 2 animals a month.

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How should I collect my desired pet?

Always collect the animal in person, never let the seller send the animal via post.

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Is there an age limit that I have to follow before posting a pet ad?

The minimum age limit for pets to be sold on Formee is 8 weeks and older.

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