About Us

Formee is a classifieds marketplace for the citizens of Australia. We are the largest one-stop shop that virtually connects millions of buyers and sellers to buy and sell a variety of goods and services. We provide you a platform to buy or sell new and used products e.g. cars, household equipment, furniture etc. . Whether you want to find the perfect car, explore new hobbies, search for jobs, buy or rent properties, locate the nearest petrol station, we are here to help you! Our digital platform connects the people of Australia, empowering and enabling them to market a number of items in the comfort of their homes. We offer super easy solutions to our private users, business customers and vendors via win-win exchanges within the friendly local community, boosting innovation and enhancing user experience.


We present you with one of the most accurate information systems in Australia. Whether you’re at home or lost in the middle of the Daintree Rainforest, Formee will locate the nearest hospital/clinic, bank, school, gym or grocery store! We also offer the most useful information about what’s in your food. The embedded food-scanner will help build a greener Australia by allowing the diverse citizens make healthier food choices. We will analyse the chemical composition of the food items at hand or at the grocery store and list down its nutritional value.

Our customer’s success is our success. We cater to everyone - from a private seller who wants to earn extra cash, to the budding entrepreneur who aspires to start their own business, and to large organizations who plan to augment their clientele.