Safety Tip

<p><strong><u>Posted on&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; 8 &ndash; 04 -19</u></strong></p>

<p>No matter where you are, both physically and online, you must always be aware of your surroundings. The safety and security of our users is our top priority. If you have ever felt unsafe or uncomfortable in the presence of another community member, contact us. *link to contact page*</p>

<p>Here are our tips on staying safe when using Formee:</p>

<p><strong>Pre - booking</strong></p>

<p>When you are in discussion with a vendor or user, it is important that you do not disclose any personal information. You may, at your discretion, give out your contact 24 hours before the job, however Formee advises remaining anonymous for your safety and security. The app has a telephone integrated, meaning you can contact the other party without divulging your full name, email, address, phone number or social media handles.</p>

<p>When asking for a quotation &ndash; be specific in order to determine the appropriate rates for the tasks. Formee always advises checking out the vendor&rsquo;s reviews in order to determine their suitability for your requirements.</p>

<p><strong>New booking</strong></p>

<p>Formee is a platform that is designed to give all users freedom to easily navigate their life and daily tasks. When booking a service online with Formee, the vendor is expected to deliver an exceptional, premium service &ndash; so please feel welcome to request a current qualification from the vendor. Some vendors will send you their qualifications and some will choose not to for privacy reasons &ndash; however you can nominate whether or not to book the service.</p>

<p>Our team requires proof of qualification when vendors apply to trade with Formee, ensuring that users are dealing with industry professionals of a great standard.</p>

<p>Vendors and users are encouraged to &lsquo;shop around&rsquo; and see if there are any other vendors who could be more suitable for your needs, ensuring you are engaging the most suitable person to complete your booking. If there happens to be any miscommunication on either side (user or vendor), it is best to try and resolve it via the instant messaging feature. If it is not possible or you do not feel comfortable, reach out to the Formee Team who can help you resolve the issue.</p>

<p><strong>During the booking</strong></p>

<p>You should never be made to feel uncomfortable by another member of the Formee community, whether they are a vendor or a customer. To avoid uncomfortable situations, it may be necessary to have another person present, especially if the booking is to take place in private quarters.</p>

<p>Always trust your instinct &ndash; if the other party has been misleading, making you uncomfortable or something just isn&rsquo;t sitting right with you, you are not obligated to follow through with the booking. You can cancel the job and make a claim against the other party by contacting the Formee team.</p>

<p><strong>Payment security</strong></p>

<p>For your safety and security, Formee recommends never making alternative payment outside of the app, as you have no securities or case against fraudulent traders. Only ever send payment / complete a job when the job is actually complete and you are satisfied.</p>

<p>If you have selected a vendor at the wrong price accidentally, simply reach out to us at Formee to let us know - we can help adjust the price after checking the communications between yourself and the other party. It is best to discuss this with the vendor first, but if you are faced with aggression, we can help to mediate the issue.</p>